Problem is a rapidly growing medical billing software company based in Toronto, Ontario. With over $2.1 billion in claims billed and over 7,000 doctors on the platform, they are the largest company of their kind in Canada.

To keep the growth trajectory, the management team needed to find a way to expand the business. The company decided to pursue a new market outside of Ontario and launch their product in British Columbia (BC). approached us to lead the digital marketing strategy and venture into, literally, a new territory. 


Faced with an audience that is skeptical by nature, needed to step forward in a market where the brand had little exposure. In addition, healthcare in Canada is governed by provincial bodies,  so each province has its own rules and regulations. This meant that only a few of their existing channels would help bridge the gap or mountains in this case.


To bring into the BC market, we launched an updated website. The new website segmented visitors by location using geo-targeting so that BC visitors would get content that was most applicable to them. We created a new menu and navigation to streamline the user pathways. We also needed to create new content for the west-coast physicians and search engines.


MDBilling homepage


In addition to the information architecture (IA), we updated the look and added multi-tier Calls-To-Action (CTAs) on all pages. Doing this ensured that no matter what stage in the buying cycle a prospect was in, we had a pathway to keep them engaged and move towards a sale. We also optimized the content for search (SEO) to attract more visitors to the website.

Of course, all of this planning needed the website to be built. We worked with our development partner to ensure that we created a website built to the highest standards. Regular check-ins and a defined process for catching any bugs were vital to an efficient process and the launch’s success. In all, we completed the project in under two months.


Helping doctors Save Time, Earn More® is core to the mission at Our work helped deliver that message to the BC market and fuelled growth at home in Ontario. 

So what was the pulse of this project? 

In the three months after the new website launch, it amassed a significant number of unique users visiting the site and a double-digit increase in sales conversion. The new website has accomplished this while reducing the need to use paid channels like Google Ads. This means we provided a more efficient website that costs less and sells more.

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