According to HBR the key to building a great network is three things 1. A broad network 2. A connected network 3. A dynamic network.

You might be like some people who find networking and meeting new people to be stressful. As a digital leader, the problem gets even worst because we hide behind our computer screens instead of getting out and shaking hands (and kissing babies, (if you’re into that kind of thing). However, not getting out is one of those things that can stop you from reaching your full potential. Networking and knowing others can really help you get things done.

So here’s a quick piece of advice for the office dweller. Whenever you have a form to fill out or need something from another department in your office try to make the first contact in person. You’re already in the building! Avoid the default of emailing it in or using the online form. Yes, in some cases you’ll still need to fill out the form digitally or send the email but what is lost in efficiency is gained in creating a new relationship.

I’ll give you an example that happened to me recently. Last week I needed to find a software solution to a problem I was having at work. I knew it was training related software so I reached out to someone who works in that department. After explaining the issue, I went to visit my colleague. This quick action turned into me meeting 5 other people in the organization that I did not know before. How awesome is that?

Okay, so next time you need to get something from down the hall take a walk and say hi. You never know who you’ll meet.