LinkedIn Superpowers

As a business professional you need to be on LinkedIn. It offers an easy way to stay in touch with your colleges, customers and competitors. This tool is particularly useful if you are in sales because it gives you access to contacts at most of the Fortune 500 companies. Some of you may already know these tips, but they’re worth repeating.

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a plane…No, it’s CRM

Over the years, the developers at LinkedIn have added many powerful features. Many of these new tools allow you to manage your network like a politician.

A few features that I like are the ability to send yourself a reminder about a contact, the ability to create a note about a contact and the feature that allows you to make a note about how you met the contact. The best part about these features is that you don’t need to be connected with someone in order to use them. You do, however, need to be at least a second level connection. This means that it’s important to add people to your network indiscriminately.

So, how do you engage your LinkedIn superpowers?

First, find the contact you want to make a note about by searching for them in the main search box on LinkedIn. On that person’s profile below their picture you will see a tab labelled ‘Relationship’. Sometimes this tab is only an empty star. It depends on your relationship with the contact. Either way, click on that tab and you will see links to add a note or how you met. Clicking on these links will open a dialogue box where you can leave a message.

My personal favourite feature right now is the set a reminder link. When you click this link you will get a dialogue box to leave a note about the reminder and under the dialogue box you will see radio buttons to select when you want to be reminded. The most useful feature is the ability to set recurring reminders, which is found using the right most radio button.

Power networking tip

So, now, when I connect with someone for the first time on LinkedIn, I set a recurring reminder to reconnect with that person in three months. This allows me to always stay in touch with people in my sphere.

This is powerful stuff, so use it wisely.

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